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Businesses face challenges every day. Some are easily met. Many are not. We can help.

Strategic Planning - Operations Management - Organizational Design

Glenoe has over four decades of experience managing businesses and advising privately held companies.

We assist in setting goals, meeting objectives, building business relationships, creating advisory boards, and extending community engagement.


We help people to create the businesses they want.

Strategic Planning 


Careful planning has an impact. It drives growth. Glenoe helps clients to construct strategic plans with both external and internal views that lead to grounded, realistic decisions. We help companies create plans to address the how, what and where, that insure a company’s future


Smart strategic decisions secure the future based upon:

  • What is happening in your industry and market today

  • What your competitors are doing

  • How your products and services stack up competitively

  • The people in place to execute your plan

  • Management succession for privately held businesses

Strategic Plans will:

  • Integrate your internal view with the external marketplace

  • Make your company direction focus on the present and the future, not the past

  • Move forward by building action plans that insure manager action

  • Stretch your company’s goals by aiming at the right set of targets

  • Shift your direction from “business-as-usual” to new business growth

​Operations Management


Smart Business Owners Know What They Don’t Know

Running a small business is way more complicated than simply collecting money for products or services rendered. And multiple views of your your business means everyone has an opinion - customers, vendors, employees, lawyers and bankers. The question is, “Does anyone see it all?”

Even smart, knowledgeable, talented and passionate business owners seldom embody all the expertise they need to succeed; to see it all. Getting past your wonderful widgets means knowing what you don’t know about running a business.


Glenoe Associates helps our business clients prioritize and address the key operational elements they should care about:

  • Regular tracking of revenues to expenses

  • Written budgets, business plans and marketing plans, including regular reviews

  • Areas of greatest and least profit, including proofs and regular reviews

  • The true cost of each employee (Compensation + benefits + overhead + ???)

  • Strategic five-year plans to increase revenues

  • Mastering the art of delegating responsibility and management accountability

  • Trends in: markets, expenses, customers, technology…

  • What customers really think of you and how to find out

Of course you know there is more. The point is that only a small part of running a small business has anything to do with the actual products or services you provide. But if you know what you don’t know, then finding help isn’t difficult. Ask us. 

Organizational Design


Finding Leadership Support

As businesses grow and add staff it’s important to understand how organizational design choices can influence business outcomes. Organizations are impacted by external influences, events and opportunities. In the midst of running a business, day-to-day operations seldom allow time to step back and look at how to address organizational challenges.


If form follows function, then where you want the business go depends upon how you are structured. Successful organizations call upon knowledge, skill and influences drawn from a range of functional expertise. Success also depends upon understanding both external and internal influences. And it requires the unbiased, objective opinions that are a challenge to get internally.

Glenoe Associates helps clients to adjust organizations as businesses grow. Often this includes creating advisory boards that may include business executives with experience in sales, marketing, operations, technology, and more. Glenoe can help advise on appropriate resources to assist in a wide range of functional areas, including:

​​We provide guidance versus governance. We’ll help you learn new ways to view your business, from strengths and opportunities to daily operations. It’s cost-effective help in objective decision-making to support the management team to take your company to the next level.

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