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Helping Entrepreneurs Succeed

Businesses face challenges every day. We can help you to meet yours.

Strategic Planning - Operations Management - Organizational Design

Glenoe Associates LLC have over five decades of experience managing businesses and advising privately held companies on strategies for success and profitability.


We help entrepreneurs achieve their business vision.

Strategic Planning 


Every Sailboat Needs a Sail.

Careful planning drives growth. Glenoe helps clients construct grounded strategic plans that realistically address the future.


Smart strategic decisions secure the future based on your knowledge of:

  • Your industry and market 

  • Your competitors

  • Your people

  • Your products and services 

Strategic Plans will:

  • Integrate internal views with the external marketplace

  • Focus your company direction on the present and future, not the past

  • Use SWOT* analysis to build specific action plans 

  • Establish stretch goals aimed at the right targets

  • Shift your direction from “business-as-usual” to new business growth

  • Build your banking strategy to avoid or cure financial difficulties


    *SWOT Analysis: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats

        A method of analysis of the environment and the company's standing in it.

​Operations Management


Business Owners Need to Know What They Don’t Know

Running a small business is way more complicated than simply collecting money for products or services rendered. You hear opinions from multiple viewpoints, from customers to employees, lawyers, and bankers. But, does anyone see it all?


Even smart, knowledgeable, talented, and passionate business owners seldom embody all the expertise they need to succeed; to see it all. Getting past your wonderful widgets means knowing what you don’t know about running a business and managing finances.

Glenoe Associates helps clients prioritize and address the critical operational elements of business that include: 

  • Systematic revenue and expense tracking for sound financial management 

  • Written budgets, business plans, and regular financial reviews

  • Risk assessment and mitigation

  • Profitability variations, proofs, and reporting

  • The true employee costs, from compensation to benefits and overhead 

  • Strategic five-year plans 

  • The art of delegation and accountability

  • Trends in: markets, expenses, customers, technology…

  • Customer satisfaction measurement

Of course, there’s more. But if you know what you don’t know, finding help isn’t difficult. Ask us.

Organizational Design


Finding Leadership Support is a Skill

As businesses grow it's essential to understand how organizational design choices can influence business outcomes. External influences, events, and opportunities will have an impact. It’s important at times to step back and assess organizational challenges.


If form follows function, then where you want the business to go depends upon how you are structured. Successful organizations call upon knowledge, skill, and influences drawn from a range of functional expertise. Success depends on understanding both external and internal forces. And it requires unbiased, objective opinions that are always a challenge to get internally.


Glenoe Associates helps clients to adjust organizations as businesses grow; to get on the right track. Glenoe can also provide appropriate additional resources to assist in a wide range of functional areas, including:

We provide guidance not governance. We'll help you learn new ways to view your business, help organizing advisory board, examine strengths and opportunities and efficiency of daily operations. It's cost-effective support for objective decision-making that allows your management team to take your company to the next level.

Contact us, and let's discuss how we can help.

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