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"Last year we were looking at putting together a future plan for the company.  We wanted to move into a growth mode, and I made a decision to beef up our C-suite as a key part of that effort.  We began working with Jeffrey Ross of Glenoe Associates. He came in and served as acting Chief Operating Officer, and worked with me very closely on several aspects of the business.  During his time with us he headed up efforts focused on formalizing our organizational structure, provided leadership training and mentoring, and most importantly helped me identify a full-time CFO and COO to join my leadership team."

- Bob Noll, Chief Creative Officer,  Boston Productions Inc.

“Jeff brings many years of operating experience an practical know how that really helps. He is not afraid to roll up his sleeves and dig in and will tell  you early and clearly what he thinks. He will also be ready to help implement if the circumstances ask for that.”

- Steven Karol, Managing Partner, Watermill Group

"When I bought our family business from my dad, a classic entrepreneur, I realized I needed a broader range of opinions and unbiased advice than he did.  Jeffrey assembled a top notch Board of Advisors from different fields – banking, retail, manufacturing, local influencers, etc. – who have been invaluable to me in the strategy and growth of my businesses.  Jeffrey served as a member of this board for many years.  Jeffrey has the ability to plow through ‘noise’ and roadblocks to get to the heart of an issue, and has a broad range of experiences to help find solutions. 

I value his advice and enjoy working with him."

- Charles Ribakoff, The Hard Motor Group  



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